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Beauty or Functionality?

If there’s an additional feature in your garden that produces both concepts, pergolas are one of them. Pergolas incorporate both the balance of beauty and function to your outdoor space if done right. A well-designed pergola will bring character and definition to your front or backyard. They are yard structures that provide shade, seating, and enjoyment outside your home. More than ever, it’s the shade and comfort from Miami’s sunny weather that pergolas come in handy. After all, it’s affordable and quick to set up.

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But when installing pergolas, there are a host of considerations and options to haul in. Choosing the right material for your pergola project is one. Each material has both pros and cons to make plans for.

1. Wood Pergolas

Wood is probably one of the popular and most requested materials used for pergolas. It has that timeless and natural appeal that makes people be drawn into it. It can match the wooden fence and some furniture pieces with its natural tweak wood. It’ s also versatile which means that you can have a range of style and appearance options for your pergola. It comes in all shapes and sizes to easily fit any type of backyard. You can find it with curves, cantilevers, arches, and other innovative styles.

wood pergola with beautiful lighting

2. Aluminum Pergolas

A better alternative to wood pergolas? Aluminum pergolas are just as beautiful as wood, with even more versatility, better durability, increased longevity, lower maintenance and offers more customization. These are just some of the reasons for the increase in demand for aluminum pergolas. Pergolas itself has multiple benefits to incorporate in any architecture and landscaping design, especially for commercial and urban construction. Aluminum seems to be the right choice for the ever changing urban landscaping trend. Thus, aluminum pergolas are perfect for creating more modern pergola designs.

Aluminum pergolas can look as attractive as wood as this material can be simulated with wood-grain finishes, bold or subtle application to achieve that classic and timeless look. With its versatility, aluminum proves to suit any construction or application.

custom aluminum pergola design

3. Retractable Shade Pergolas

Retractable shade pergolas are the next big thing in outdoor living. Rain, hail , wind or shine, a retractable shade pergolas has the flexibility to let you retract it fully or partially, extend it or adjust its slats however you want it. Weather is unpredictable and this innovative technology is designed to adjust your environment against whatever the weather is doing. How cool is that? Living in sunny Miami, a retractable shade pergola is a perfect upgrade for a more stylish yet comfortable outdoor living.

Our extensive line of retractable shade pergolas shading provides you options to add more living space and enjoy your backyard in a creative way. It is custom-made that transforms your yard, patio, deck or any outdoor living area into an enjoyable and entertaining venue throughout the year, whether in the Miami heat or on windy days. From freestanding to wall-mounted pergolas, retractable roof with aluminum blades or motorized fabric, and with optional high-end elements from LED lighting to sliding doors, our retractable shade pergolas feature stunning architectural designs where form meets function.

Luxury Retractable Shade Pergolas

4. Commercial Pergolas

Drive in more customers with commercial pergolas. Boost your available square footage with profits from happy, protected customers. Commercial pergolas not only offer shelter, comfort and protection solutions but also provide you with an elegant extension to the premises of your business.

It can be used in an array of businesses. Whether you’re a hotel and resorts, restaurants, sports bars, condos, pools, recreation centers, gold club or daycare or senior facilities; whatever the application is, commercial pergolas is the perfect design solution for your patrons seeking sun or shade. It’s built-in gutter system is made to withstand hurricane winds and prevent flooding. Apart from the protection and shelter it gives, installing commercial pergolas for your business can also reduce your energy costs, requires low maintenance and comes in customizable solutions.      

commercial pergola beside a pool

5. Insulated Roof Pergolas

Insulated roof pergolas are designed to beat the summer heat with its maximum strength and sturdiness no matter the size. Its polystyrene insulated core and color bond top and bottom face offer superior protection all year round. Each installation is built with minimal dependence on beams achieving larger spans, which in return, reduces the amount of clutter in your living space. Since it works well with a Color bond frame, using insulated roof pergolas is a cost-effective way to design your outdoor backyard space.

Does your house have a more traditional style? Keep it up to date with our insulated pergolas. Our insulated roof pergolas are available in a range of colors, thickness, framing style and feature beautiful finish be it matte or gloss. Hence, you can select the best one that will work well with your space. They are also capable of reaching large spans without having to add framing. No need to worry as insulated pergolas are very versatile to suit any type of environment.

Extravagant Insulated Roof Pergola

6. Gazebos/Outdoor Kitchens and Wet Bars

Gazebos are a bit different from pergolas as they are octagonal or turret in shape unlike the latter which is made of vertical posts or pillars. But gazebos also provide shades to keep you cool.

There are different types of gazebos from hardtop to pop-up gazebos. Hardtop gazebos are made of steel or aluminum frames with a powder-coated finish to prevent rusting or corrosion. There are gazebos made to be weather-resistant, double-roof or fully portable. Pop-up gazebos are ideal for picnics as they’re easy to assemble and come with storage bags to keep them clean while they’re stowed away.

beautiful gazebo at night