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Insulated Roof Pergolas

Aside from its strength and strong structure, insulated pergolas add beauty and sophistication as they mimic formal alfresco ceilings. A great way to add that extra touch of class, isn’t it? Moreover, they can accommodate fans, heaters, downlights within the panel themselves. Thus, you can save on costly insulating, plastering, painting and timber framing. If you’re looking for a durable, functional yet attractive pergolas, go for the insulated roof ones.

Its roof panels are ideal for a weather-tight moisture resistant seal which provides comfort in covered outdoor areas year-round. After all, they are tough, sturdy and structural, creating a range of spaces like add-on outdoor rooms. It is also great for insulated patio roofs, decks, patios, verandas as shades, sunrooms or as alfresco areas. In short, insulated roof pergolas are both beautiful and practical. It is low maintenance and has excellent thermal properties. Not to mention that insulated roof pergolas are great options for houses in fire zones as they have a BAL 29 rating.